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Welcome to a Soothing & Comforting Touch Massage Therapy, Inc. where you are the special guest. Your mind, body, and soul will be filled with rejuvenation.  Start with one or a combination of our appetizers that will soothe the hunger of your appetite to be comforted by our massage therapists.





CHAIR MASSAGE     ($1.00/min)
Take five to twenty five minutes of your day and pamper yourself.
(5 minutes Minimum)

PARRAFIN WAX     ($7.00 or $14.00)
Let the heat and essential oils deeply penetrate into the hands and feet, for a nice result of smoothness and refreshing aroma.

Foot Therapy, Greenville, SC

FOOT THERAPY     ($40.00)
Make your feet tasty, while emerging your feet into a nice warm bath of a salt scrub, mask, and deep cucumber lotion. (Allow 20 minutes)                

Deep cleaning, toning, steam, mask and a facial massage in less than an hour.  We will teach you about home care that will help keep healthier and clearer skin.   You will learn everything they need to know about makeup to enhance your natural beauty.   (Allow 1/2 hour)

TEEN & ADULTS PACKAGE     ($125.00)
Package includes a 25 minute soothing Swedish massage, facial, and makeup application.  You are welcome to bring your own products. A parent or guardian should be present for teens age 16 and under during massage, and a bathing suit or underwear is required. (Allow 50 minutes)



If you thought you could not get enough with the appetizers, wait until you try the main course.  These succulent entrees will leave you relaxed and begging for more.

Warning:  You will be so relaxed we may need to call you a cab to get you to your next destination.

Taste of Thailand Massage, Greenville, SCTASTE OF THAILAND     ($165.00 w/Swedish $225.00)
Try this yoga style of massage that will increase your flexibility, allowing your muscles to be more enduring, while at the same time providing you with a soothing and calming atmosphere.  (Allow 2 hours)                             

Get it all in one visit.  This entrée allows you to have the works, Swedish, deep tissue, cranial & reflexology. (Allow 1.5 hours) couples massage, greenville, sc

COUPLES MASSAGES     ($145.00)
Bring a friend and relax together! The two of you can enjoy a full body Swedish massage to the relaxing sound of music. **Upon Availability (Allow 1 hour)                   

HOT & NOW     ($115.00)
Allow the body to unwind to the warm comfort of heat, deeply invigorating the muscles as the therapist use hot stones to pamper you with a full body massage.  (Allow 1 hour)      Pregnancy Massage, Greenville, SC                   


MOTHER’S TO BE     ($105.00/ hour)
Lower back pain can be controlled during such an important time.  This massage will energized the nerves all over the body especially emphasizing the lower back. (Allow 1 hour)

deep tissue, Greenville, SCDEEP DISH LOVER’S     ($55.00 or $95.00)
Indulge your senses with a deep tissue massage that relieves chronic pain within your muscles. (Allow 1/2 hour or 1 hour)
This is a very effective hands-on technique that provides sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. (Allow 40 minutes)



ANYA’S DELIGHT     ($45.00)
Compilations of soothing strokes on the upper body and lower body that will relax, renew, and restore the mind. (Allow 1/2 hour)

Massage, Greenville, SCSALTY AND SAVOURING    ($55.00)
This essential oil salt scrub treatment will leave your body feeling purified and refreshing. (Allow 1/2 hour)

TUMMY FEELS YUMMY     ($40.00)
This is a great way to soothe constipation.  This massage will relieve underlying stress in the abdominal area. (Allow 1/2 hour)

REFLEXOLOGY     ($55.00)
Allow your body to heal itself, through reflexology.  This form of trigger point therapy allows the nerves in the body to biologically heal itself. (Allow 1/2 hour)

SWEETNESS OF SWEDEN    ($1.00/minute)
Choose any amount of time from half an hour to two hours for only $1.00/minute.  This basic relaxation massage will leave you feeling like royalty.

Rebirth Experience     ($250.00)
Ever wanted to get rid of the skin you are in?  This full body scrub and massage will have you believing you were born-anew. Your skin will feel soft and luxurious.
This package also includes a full body massage and a facial. (Allow 1.5 hours)


Exercise Prescriptions     (Call for pricing)
Anya can help you lose weight with her incredible exercise program. With accurate measurements to a healthy lifestyle and a great exercise program you will definitely see results.

Corporate Massages
Soothing and Comforting Touch Massage Therapy in Greenville, SCCorporate Rates: Consist of a 7 minute chair massage per employee
10-20 employees $15.00 each
21-30 employees $13.50 each
31 or more employees $12.00 each

Massage Party (Table)
: There is a minimal requirement of 4 persons per table party, and each full body massage lasts a clinical hour of 50 minutes.  All events require a $25 surcharge and a non-refundable deposit of $50.00. A 50% cancellation fee will be charged/billed to the booking party if cancelled less than 48 hours before the event.
4 persons $320
5 persons $400
6 persons $480

For the half hour massages all events require a $25 surcharge and a non-refundable deposit of $50. A 50% cancellation fee will be charged to the booking party if cancelled less than 48 hours before the event.
4 persons $180
5 persons $225
6 persons $270

Massage Party (Chair): There is a minimal requirement of 6 persons per chair party, and each massage is 15 minutes
6 persons $175 ($25 each additional person)
All events require a $25 surcharge and a non-refundable deposit of $50.
A 50% Cancellation fee will be charged to the booking party if cancelled less than 48 hours before the event.


Youth Services

YOUTH MASSAGE     ($15.00)
A perfect way to introduce your child to massage, this experience will help your child learn to deal with future stress or sports injuries. 
Parent or guardian must be present for the session a bathing suit or underwear is required.   (15 minutes)

YOUTH FACIAL     ($20.00)
This mini facial is designed to introduce the basics of good skin care and is a fun and educational way to healthy skin.
The facial experience includes a cleaning and toning of the skin, a gentle mask with steam and a facial massage.  (20 minutes)

We soak little feet and hands in a lavender or green tea bath, then we trim nails and apply cooling moisturizer lotion.
The final touch is an application of polish you pick the color or you can bring your own.  (25 minutes)

Out-Call Service

Do you feel more comfortable receiving your massage in the privacy of your own home? Let us come to you.  You will still enjoy the relaxing atmosphere we provide in-house.  Send an email today and a therapist will reply to you within 24 hours.  If you need immediate assistance feel free to call 864-303-5056. *Please note that there is $25.00 trip fee.

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