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This line of massage oil, body oil, lotion, salt & sugar scrubs is inspired by the essentials needed in everyday life, made by Anya Ware.  It is my hope that as you light a candle stress and the cares of life can seem not so great, as your body is massaged with massage oil the very muscles in your body can be revived with energy to move about the next day, as you wear the body oil you are reminded throughout the day to celebrate the little moments that are so easily taken for granted, and as you use the salt and sugar scrubs your body is cleansed from outside to within.




Queen Essential’s™
Fragrance Oils | Lotion


All of the massage oil and body oil fragrances are made by Anya’s very own mixture of base oil and essential oils.  The oil fragrances include: Sweetie Pie, Jumpin Jack, Sweet Sensations, Beautiful Awakening,, Sentimental, Evening Paradise, and Pleasant Valley. See below for scent descriptions.


1.5 oz Massage Oil

This 1.5oz roll on vial allows you to use the oils as a perfume.  Any of the scents are available.

2oz Roll On Body Oil

2.5oz Roll On Body Oil

Use this 2.5oz bottle of massage oil throughout the day or burn to freshen the air.  Apply sensibly. Scents: Sweetie Pie, Jumpin Jack, Sweet Sensations, Beautiful Awakening, Sentimental, Evening Paradise, Pleasant Valley

1.5oz massage oil

6 oz Body Oil Spray

Mist your body with anyone of the Queen Essential's™ fragrances to revitalize your mind body and spirit. Sprays may also be good for refreshing the air around you!

6oz Body Oil Spray

3.5 oz Salt and Sugar Scrub

Each 3.5oz salt and sugar scrubs can be use to cleanse and revitalize the body and skin. Scents: Sweetie Pie, Jumpin Jack, Sweet Sensations, Beautiful Awakening, Sentimental, Evening Paradise, Pleasant Valley

4 oz Salt and Sugar Scrub
4 oz Scented Lotion

Enjoy our lotions as you go to and from your destinations.  This small carry on lotion is great to keep in the car or a purse.

4oz scented lotion

Sweetie Pie: Ummmm...just like grams! Here is a floral scent that you will want more of. Grams, always knew the trick to ease the pain. As you use this florescent oil, warmth and peace of mind will overtake you.

Jumpin Jack: The saucy and sassy aroma will help invigorate your senses to action. Springing you into a state of vigor for a long day.

Sweet Sensations: Want to make a good first impression? Massage this oil over the body or on that special loved one and the aroma will cause the senses to soar into sweet bliss.

Beautiful Awakening: This spicy, but sweet aroma will uplift, and revive your body. Just place a dab of this oil on your temples and you'll agree.

Sentimental: Massaging with this oil can allow release of emotional blockage and provide romance in the air! The fragrance mixture with a hint of rose invites relaxation to embark from within.

Evening Paradise: Relax with the calming aroma of gracefulness, as you unwind in paradise. With the refreshing scent of this oil, you will be reminded of happiness. 

Pleasant Valley: Not to loud and not too soft, this aroma oil will help you maintain sanity in the deepest of life's valleys.

Each item is individually wrapped:

scrub wrapped
lotion wrapped
Small Standing Wrapped
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